Introduction to Photography

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ART 253, SEC 201
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Undergraduate (Milwaukee Campus)
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Allen Morris
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This course focuses on the fundamental aesthetics and techniques of photography, concentrating on camera operation, image capture, and photographic printing practice. This course equips students with the technical, intellectual, conceptual, and creative skills essential to making a black and white photograph as part of a fine arts curriculum.

Within this monochromatic course, students will explore the capabilities of contemporary digital cameras and will introduce students to the methods used to create photographs that yield pictorial space from dimensional scenes and subjects; focusing on seeing light, the use of manual camera controls, and digital editing software.

Assignments in this course examine historical and contemporary photographic practices and address both technical and aesthetic concerns through video demonstrations, short readings, discussions, and online critiques. The course provides students a sound knowledge of the history of photography as an art form through a series of video lectures, demos, and assignments. Further, this course enhances the understanding of the aesthetics of photography (emphasizing the elements and principles of design) and encourages growth as a conceptual imagemaker.