Introduction to English Studies

Course Details
& Course Number
ENG 215
Class Number
Course Type
Undergraduate (Milwaukee Campus)
Meets Requirements
Humanities (HU)
Kristine Koyama
Course Dates
July 25-August 20, 2022 (4 weeks)

An introduction to the critical study of literature meant for English majors and non-majors alike. The theme of survival unites the variety of voices represented in our course readings. We will cover authors such as Alice Walker, Zitkala-sa, Brian Friel, and Art Spiegelman, whose works engage with questions of survival–what it is, and what it means to survive–from various historical periods, national canons, literary styles, and genres. Because we will read stories of survival from an intersectional lens, our readings will engage broadly in the question of how a person’s race, gender, class, and national identity influence their experience surviving an environmental or social crisis. Weekly readings include PowerPoint slides with contextualizing materials. Meets OWC-B language requirements.

Course Syllabus (.pdf)