Introduction to American Indian Studies

Course Details
& Course Number
AIS 101, LEC 201
Class Number
Course Type
Undergraduate (Milwaukee Campus)
Meets Requirements
Cultural Diversity (CD), Humanities (HU)
Michael Wilson
Course Dates
June 27-July 23, 2022 (4 weeks)

This course will give students a general introduction to the field of American Indian Studies. The course is divided into three general areas: 1) “History, Law, and Government,” 2) “Cultural and Creative Expressions,” and 3) “Policy Studies.” The primary goal of this course is that students understand, analyze and articulate in a scholarly way (not mere opinions) fundamental issues in each of these areas in American Indian Studies. A secondary goal is that students further develop their skills in research and critical thinking when examining issues pertaining to American Indians. This course will take place completely online. There are no special meeting times or office hours. This course has three features that students often appreciate: • Students will not need to purchase textbooks. • Students can earn whatever grade they wish. • This class is conducted completely online. (No travel/parking issues)