Advanced Problems in the Teaching of Social Studies

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CURRINS 721, LEC 291
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Graduate (Milwaukee Campus)
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Jeffrey Hawkins
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Savvy Summer Strategies, Socialization & Saxe: Socially Constructed Social Studies for Social Change Agents.

This course is designed and delivered for social studies educators already teaching in K-12 classrooms. Plan to work with Dr. Hawkins this summer to solve (advanced) problems that go beyond the typical social studies curriculum, unit planning, and learner engagement and interest. Social Studies was born out of debate (early 20th century) that continues today with competing diverse groups advocating for “new” and “sometimes” controversial approaches to the nature and purpose of the social studies including; nationalistic, life adjustment, progressive, social reconstruction, social issues & problems, and/or social justice frameworks. These “problems” shall be the purpose of the class. Thus, we shall probe, problem solve, and purposefully provide a action plan by the end of the summer to move forward with future pedagogical practice for the social studies educators classroom setting.