Time Traveling in Financial Aid! (2017-18 Awarding)

We know it’s still 2016 and you might still working on getting your aid for Spring 2017 set up, but we’re already working on your aid for 2017-2018!

Awarding has already started for the new Panthers-to-be! If you’ll be starting at UWM in Fall 2017 and have already submitted your FAFSA, check your e-mails for an award notification from us!

If you have already submitted your FAFSA but have not gotten an award notification, be sure there is nothing on your PAWS to-do list! If you’ve been admitted, you have submitted your FAFSA, and there is nothing on your to-do list, all that’s left is to be patient! We are working to award as many new Panthers as possible over the next few weeks.

Current Panthers! Don’t think we have forgotten about you! Since financial aid is based on your academic performance and how much you have borrowed so far, you’re award packages for next year get a little trickier. We hope to have awards out to you late March 2017! Keep an eye on uwm.edu/earlyFAFSA for updates as we have them!

Have a great winter break!