Report a Private Scholarship

If you have been awarded a private scholarship (not from UWM) and your scholarship funds will be sent directly to the UWM Office of Student Accounts, you do not need to notify UWM in advance. The funds will be reflected on your financial aid award after they are received, which may take up to three weeks after UWM receives the funds from the donor.

Scholarship checks should be sent to:

UWM Office of Student Accounts
PO Box 500
Milwaukee, WI 53201-0500

Be sure your donor includes your name and campus ID on the check in order to identify you as the recipient.

If you have information from your donor that needs follow-up or attention from our office, please email documents to

Frequently Asked Questions

Read the responses to our most frequently asked questions about private scholarships.

Contact Us

To contact the Office of Student Scholarships, use this online contact form. If you have a question about a specific scholarship, include the name of the scholarship and the School/College/Department that awarded it to you or administers it.

In-Person Questions:
Mellencamp Hall, Room 162
2442 E. Kenwood Blvd.
Milwaukee, WI 53211