Continuing Student Awarding Timeline

Hey current Panthers!

If you are currently enrolled in classes this semester, that means we consider you a continuing student for the 2017-18 school year! If you plan to attend next fall, we hope you have already submitted your Financial aid application! If not, follow this link to complete your FAFSA.

We have decided to begin awarding financial aid for continuing students in June 2017. This is a bit later than we had initially projected, but here are some general motivations behind this choice:

  • The courses you are in now, and the ones you might take in Summer, could change your eligibility for aid in 2017-18. By June, your Spring grades will be final.
  • Financial aid borrowed for Spring and Summer can impact the aid you are offered next year. Those amounts should be (more) final by June.
  • There are some critical software updates that are required to be in place before we award students. We’ll have those installed by June.

Ultimately, we hope awarding in June will result in the most accurate awards with the least amount of technical errors.

If you need assistance planning your finances for next year, you are welcome to schedule an appointment, or stop by Wednesdays for Walk Ins, to discuss estimates with an advisor.