Does the Office of Conflict Resolution serve students?
No, students with concerns or complaints should contact the Dean’s Office at 118 Mellencamp Hall.

Do you keep records?
Formal records are not maintained by the Office of Conflict Resolution.

What are common concerns brought?
* Interpersonal or departmental office conflict
* University policies, procedures or regulations
* Unfair treatment, discrimination, and/or harassment
* Working conditions and assignments
* Performance evaluations
* Disciplinary actions
* Promotion and pay

When is the best time to contact the Office of Conflict Resolution?
It is best to contact us before taking any official or formal actions.

What happens after I contact the Office of Conflict Resolution? Although no specific office hours are designated, your initial contact will result in the immediate response to arrange a mutually convenient time for a longer meeting or phone conversation. Please note that due to limits of technology, your confidentiality cannot be guaranteed in email communications.

One of our council members has created a video discussing his experiences on the Ombuds Council as well as answering many common questions. That video can be found here.