“Off-Campus” Definition for Calculation of Indirect Costs

In submitted proposals, indirect cost rates for on-campus projects are a composite of an administrative cost rate (currently capped at 26% although actually higher) and a facilities rate (currently 23.5% for research). The facilities rate is waived for “off-campus” projects.

“Off-campus” has a more restrictive definition than merely off UWM‘s property. In the absence of a stated institutional policy, federal guidelines limit the use of the off-campus rate to work conducted at a site for which rent is paid. However, UWM is permitted to define work conducted beyond a reasonable, travel distance from the institution as “off-campus”.

UWM has defined “off-campus” as any location outside the following seven counties: Kenosha, Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Racine, Walworth, Waukesha and Washington. Off-campus indirect rates can be used for study locations within these counties if grant funds are used to pay rent (at market rates).

In addition, off-campus rates can be used only if 50% or more of the grant expenditures are for activity in off-campus locations.

Any use of the off-campus rate outside these circumstances must be approved by the Vice Chancellor for Research.