Division of Budgets and Indirect Costs for Awards with Multiple Investigators


Proposals with multiple primary and co-investigators commonly have co-mingled budgets that do not necessarily specify the funds that each investigator intends to use. In such a situation, individual projects within the overall grant account will be established if investigators are from different departments. These projects will be administered through each investigator’s unit as defined by its UDDS code. This will allow the actual expenditure by each investigator to be tracked over the history of the award, and will provide a more accurate account of department-level research expenditures.

It is strongly recommended that the budget split be determined at the time a proposal is submitted; it must be done before any spending account can be set up for an award.

Any exceptions from the above-mentioned procedures must be approved by the Vice Chancellor for Research.

Indirect Costs

Unless otherwise agreed and approved by the Vice Chancellor for Research, indirect costs that are returned to schools/colleges and investigators shall be divided in accordance with the distribution of expenditures from which the indirect costs were derived. In the case of awards with multiple primary and co-investigators, expenditures will be tracked using the individual projects that are required for each award. These expenditures will be used to calculate indirect costs assigned to each unit and investigator.