Research on Promoting Student Success in High School and Beyond

SREed partners with a number of agencies to do research and evaluation projects designed to explore innovative approaches to promoting equity in access to opportunities for high school students that promote success in high school, college, and careers.

Research on Advanced Placement Courses

One area that we have focused on has been to increase access to Advanced Placement courses for minority and low-income minority students. As part of this work, we are working with a large urban school district to use historical data to identify students who would be likely to succeed in AP courses but perhaps hesitant to enroll. These data are also used to identify students who will likely need additional supports to succeed in AP.

Using Historical Data to Predict the Grades of Students in Advanced Placement Courses in One Large Urban School District (PDF)

The Accuracy of Predicted Advanced Placement Performance in Courses Taken During the Fall 2016 Semester (PDF)

Team GEAR UP Evaluation in the Milwaukee Public Schools

The evaluation of Team GEAR UP is designed to provide the Milwaukee Public Schools and partnering agencies with actionable information about the effectiveness and implementation of college planning and preparation services provided to students in six high schools receiving funds from the Department of Education. We have been the principal evaluator of this work since 2011.