Reopening Research at UWM

(Last updated: May 21, 2021)
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The decisions for reopening research labs and spaces at UWM are based on guidance from the State of Wisconsin, University of Wisconsin System, and UWM Emergency Operations Center, in consultation with UWM University Safety & Assurances (US&A), Campus Health, and Legal Affairs.

UWM Research Operations & COVID-19 Monitoring Plan

The reopening of UWM’s research facilities has made it necessary to develop COVID-19 monitoring criteria and response protocols to control the usage of individual research facilities/laboratories based on COVID-19 occurrences to avoid further spread of the virus. Developed by University Safety & Assurances, the UWM Research Operations & COVID-19 Monitoring Plan (PDF) outlines policies and procedures for reporting and handling cases of COVID-19 among research staff in an individual lab or research facility. This includes research staff working on projects involving human subjects, animals, field research, and transportation between UWM research sites and facilities.

Summer 2021 Research Operations

UWM’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) has approved the following research guidelines for summer research activity in alignment with the University’s current policies.

  • Effective Monday, May 24, all space restrictions and the research safety plan process will be suspended.
  • All researchers are required to continue to wear masks, practice good hygiene, and maintain social distancing of at least six feet while working indoors. These requirements also apply to human subjects research.  Given the campus social distancing requirements, researchers are still subject to the 15-minute limitation for close or direct contact with research participants.
  • Limits on human subjects research with higher-risk populations are lifted; however, researchers are expected to give special consideration to maintaining social distancing and limiting exposure with these populations.
  • Investigators who need to travel to conduct research should be aware of UWM’s current travel restrictions and submit travel exemption forms, as required.
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