2016 RGI Grant Awardees

Fifteen proposals have been chosen for funding in the 2016-2017 Research Growth Initiative®, an internal seed-funding competition aimed at enhancing the university’s research and scholarly work and supporting the state’s economic development through innovation. Four assistant professors, five associate professors, and six full professors received awards.

Derek Counts
Professor, Art History
From Scanner to Scholar: The publication of 3D models in the digital age

David Frick
Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Viral helicase disruption of pattern recognition receptors
UWM Co-PI: Valerica Raicu, Physics

Karyn Frick
Professor, Psychology
Mechanisms of estrogenic regulation of dendritic spines in the prefrontal cortex and hippocampus

Peter Geissinger
Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Luminescence-lifetime-based, simultaneous measurement of multiple metal ion concentrations in water for use on a real-time optical fiber sensor platform

Adam Greenberg
Assistant Professor, Psychology
The universal nature of topographic maps as the structural foundation of attention
UWM Co-PI: Wendy Huddleston, Kinesiology

John Isbell
Professor, Geosciences
Carboniferous and Permian strata in Brazil and surrounding areas: their significance in determining the timing and extent of the Late Paleozoic Ice Age

Junjie Niu
Assistant Professor, Materials Science & Engineering
Scalable synthesis of air-stable ultra-small Al nano-composites for high-performance Li-Al batteries

Margaret Noodin
Assistant Professor, English; Director, Electa Quinney Institute
Ganawendamaw: Emerging Anishinaabe environmental ideologies
UWM Co-PIs: Patricia Mayes, English; Bernard Perley, Anthropology

Ionel Popa
Assistant Professor, Physics
A hybrid magnetic tweezers-FRET technique to study the mechano-chemistry of proteins involved in cellular mechano-transduction
UWM Co-PI: Valerica Raicu, Physics

Joel Rast
Associate Professor, Political Science
The Dual City: Policy paradigms and housing reform in twentieth century Chicago

Rafael Rodriguez Sevilla
Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
Signal ontogeny and phonology in vibrational insects

Alan Schwabacher
Associate Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Optical sensor arrays for metal ion detection
UWM Co-PI: Peter Geissinger, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Ching-Hong Yang
Professor, Biological Sciences
Development of virulence-specific therapeutics in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Chris Yingchun Yuan
Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Integrated study of capacity fading on next generation lithium ion battery for electric vehicles

Mo Zell
Associate Professor, Architecture
Kinetic Learning Lights: Prototypes