Where do students live?

1 mile from UWM Kenwood campus

6,000-10,000 students live within 1 miles of campus at 3,080 addresses
1 mile radius: 3,080 addresses (40%)
Less than 40 minute walk
Less than 15 minute bus ride
Less than 10 minute drive
Includes areas: Upper East Side, Riverwest, Riverside Park, North Avenue, Shorewood, Bradford Beach, Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital, Lake Park, UWM Kenwood Campus

3 miles from UWM Kenwood campus

7,000 – 14,000 students live within 3 miles of campus at 4,558 addresses
3-1 mile radius: 1,478 addresses (19%)
5-10 minute drive
10-30 minute bus ride
20-60 minute walk
Includes areas: UWM Panther Arena, Fiserv Forum, Downtown, MATC, Zilber School of Public Health, MSOE, East Town, Yankee Hill, Water Street, Lower East Side, Veteran’s Park, Art Museum, Harambee, Arlington Heights, Williamsburg Heights, Riverwest, Whitefish Bay, Shorewood, Capitol/Humboldt UWM UPark Lot, Estabrook Park

5 miles from UWM Kenwood campus

8,000-15,000 students live within 5 miles of campus at 4,798 addresses
5-3 mile radius: 240 addresses (3%)
10-20 minute drive
20-40 minute bus ride
Includes areas: Bayshore, Walker’s Point, Washington Park, Historic Third Ward, Glendale, Roosevelt Grove, Rufus King, Lincoln Park, Walnut Hill, Sherman Park, Milwaukee River Parkway, Whitefish Bay, Milwaukee Public Museum, Downtown, Milwaukee, Public Market, Marquette, Menomonee Valley

10 miles from UWM Kenwood campus

17,000-23,000 students live within 10 miles of campus at 7,700 addresses
10-5 mile radius: 2,902 addresses (37%)
20 minute drive
1 hour bus ride
Includes areas: UWM School of Freshwater Sciences, American Family Field (Story Hill), Wauwatosa, UWM Innovation Campus, West Allis, St. Francis, Cudahy, Bayview, Brown Deer, Bayside, Fox Point, Glendale, Old North Milwaukee, Butler

See more about Milwaukee here: https://uwm.edu/about-milwaukee/