What if I need parking and it is not available?

If you are in need of a parking spot, you can use the  NHO website  and search under the “Parking”  listing section.  Landlords with spare parking spaces will post here.  Generally, these spots run for about $25-75 per month.

Another option would be to bring your lease into the 1st district police department, located on 2920 N 4th  Street, and obtain a  day and night permit. If you are a resident of Wisconsin, you can get a  Residential Parking Permit, or you can obtain a commuter pass  and pay for night parking on Milwaukee’s parking website.  Note: If you’re getting passes, make sure you are parking on the correct side of the street since  residential  parking and daytime parking park on opposite sides. Also, you will then need to follow the  rules and regulations  for parking on the streets.

Take a look at our Guide to Daytime Parking in Milwaukee for more information!