What To Do At a Showing

Showings are very important, it is a good opportunity to inspect the property, take your own pictures and videos, and ask any questions that weren’t covered by the listing. Showings are also a great opportunity to get to know the neighborhood and surrounding area. There are somethings that you want to make sure to do at a showing

  • Before the showing, create a list of questions. Ask these questions during the showing, questions about what utilities are included, how much the security deposit is, and what appliances are included should be on your list.
  • Write notes during a showing, these notes can include information given by the landlord during the showing and your own personal thoughts, concerns, or questions. It is important to have notes when you are going to several showings as it can be difficult to keep information straight!
  • Create a list of what features and amenities you like/dislike about a property, it can help to determine what property is the best fit for you.
  • Take pictures and videos (especially if there is damages!) These will be good to have to refer back to when deciding which make is best for you, as well as having record of damages for landlords to fix before you move in.