Thinking About Renting Off Campus Next Fall?

Picture of nearby houses

It’s never too late, but it can be too early!

Now is the time to assess your current circumstances and think about what you need next. Remember:

You’re in control as a tenant. Don’t let any landlord pressure you into signing a lease, especially before May!

-Get the best price and variety of options by signing a lease between May and August, or 2-3 months before you want to move in

-Rental rates usually decrease as the rental market becomes more competitive

-Take the Preferred Tenant Program online or in-person to qualify for $250 off your security deposit or 2% off your security deposit or 2% off your monthly rent with participating landlords

Make an educated choice and learn more about renting by visiting the Neighborhood Housing Office, the University Legal Clinic, or by participating in free programs such as the Preferred Tenant Program, our annual Housing Fair, and more!

-For more information, check out our Rental Process Guide to see if you’re on the right track!