Submit a Complaint About Your Landlord

Landlord Complaint Form

This is a form for complaints from renters about landlords  (negligence, disrepair, etc.). This form may be filled out by long-term residents affected as well as by student renters. The complaint form assists the Neighborhood Housing Office in keeping track of landlords that student-tenants report having issues with. If filing a complaint, you may need a copy of your lease (if you were provided one).

File a complaint through the landlord complaint form on the NHO listing service.

Explore more information regarding the landlord complaint process.

A database of complaints will be kept in the NHO. All UWM community members have the right to view these complaints at any time. The Neighborhood Housing Manager’s decision is final.  A Property Manager, Owner or Landlord who is refused listing or is de-listed under the provisions of this program shall not be permitted to re-list for a period of up to twelve months and only if the Property Manager, Owner or Landlord first satisfies NHO with substantial written evidence that the problems with tenant complaints and chronic code violations have been resolved. Neighborhood Housing works with Rent College Pads on de-listing any problem properties, managers, or owners.