Predatory Landlords

Students have found themselves evicted, homeless or in rentals with terrible issues. We want to help you make the best choice possible. Beware of any landlord exhibiting these behaviors:

  • refusal to provide a sample lease or allow time to review the lease before signing
  • pressuring you into signing a lease on the spot or quickly
  • allowing more than 3 unrelated people to live together
  • leaving a tenant’s name off the lease
  • delayed/slow communication
  • voicemail that is full or not set-up
  • refusal to get agreements in writing
  • refusal to provide a check-in sheet and perform a walk-through
  • requiring more than 60-days notice to end the lease
  • requiring earnest money
  • cash-only transactions

The City of Milwaukee Department of Neighborhood Services website allows you to look up some information about properties: Property Information (