Move-In Checklist

Neighborhood safety is an important responsibility for our students living off campus. Watch this video as you move off-campus.

Changing Your Address

Update your UWM address on your PAWS account (free) & with the post office ($1).

Set-Up Utilities

Set-up utilities in your name – WeEnergies, trash and sewer, cable, internet, etc.

Evening Safety Resources

Download the RAVE Guardian App & take advantage of evening safety resources like B.O.S.S. vans to assist you in traveling around the community safely.

Check-In Sheet

Turn-in your check-in sheet to your landlord within 7 days from move-in. The landlord is required by law to provide you with the check-in sheet. If you already moved in before filling out the check-in sheet, still fill it out and submit it to your landlord on time!

Here are two examples of what a check-in sheet may look like:

Check-In Sheet (1)

Check-In Sheet (2)

Completing this form and turning it into your landlord is a good precautionary step to help get the entirety of your security deposit back upon move-out. A landlord will be unable to charge for any preexisting damages if they were documented appropriately. Any photos and videos will also contain a timestamp in case a form of proof is necessary.

Trash and Recycling

Contact your landlord as soon as possible if there are items left on the curb from previous tenants or you are missing trash or recycling bins.

Look up your trash and recycling days. You are responsible for maintaining a clean neighborhood. It’s illegal to throw furniture and unconfined garbage on the curb & you can be fined by the city.

Learning about garbage and recycling rules and regulations as a tenant can be difficult. Read more on helpful garbage and recycling tips.