Meet your neighbors

Introducing yourself to your neighbors (both long-term residents and fellow college students) is an important step in becoming a member of your new community. All tenants on your lease can stop by each of your neighbor’s homes and share contact information. This way you can communicate with one another prior to having gatherings at your house, and in the event that you need to tell the other something but cannot reach them in person. Many neighbors will notify each other when they are having get togethers so neighbors are not surprised. This way, your neighbors can contact you before contacting the police, so you have a chance to take care of the situation without getting a visit from UWMPD or MPD.

Establishing relationships with you neighbors can also be useful in case you and your roommate(s) are gone from your unit for an extended period of time. For example, if you are all going out of state for the week of Spring Break, consider asking a neighbor to keep an eye on the house for you, and to report any suspicious behavior. This may provide some extra peace of mind while away from your home.

You can also look into to see if your community has a Facebook Page or use an app like NextDoor to stay connected with neighbors.