Landlord Complaint Process

  1. Student tenant has an issue/complaint regarding a landlord/property manager practices or procedures
  2. Student tenant files a complaint through the landlord complaint form on the NHO listing service
    1. Student needs to submit as much documentation as possible including emails, letters, and a lease agreement
  3. Complaint is received and reviewed by the NHO Coordinator
  4. Student is recommended to seek appropriate assistance/take action steps depending on the situation: DNS Complaint, University Legal Clinic, Community Advocates, Contact their landlord, Submit a landlord rating, etc.
  5. NHO Coordinator files the complaint in the Landlord Complaint Database
  6. NHO Coordinator checks DNS Property search and CCAP for violations
  7. NHO coordinator develops a list of investigative questions to learn more about the situation
  8. Landlord is notified via phone and/or email of the complaint received by the NHO coordinator
  9. Landlord has 1-3 business days to respond as stated in the notice (at the discretion of the NHO Coordinator based on the severity of the complaint) prior to all of their listings and account being suspended for 30 days.
    1. Landlords will be given thirty (30) calendar days to resolve the violation so as not to lose the limited listing license. The limited listing license will be suspended during the thirty (30) day period to cure. NHO will follow-up with the complainant to determine if the violation has been remedied. Landlords may also notify the NHO when the complaint has been satisfactorily resolved.
  10. If a landlord does not respond within the designated time given by the NHO coordinator, the account and all listings will be suspended for at minimum 30 days. If a landlord does not respond within the 30-day suspension period, the account and all listings will be suspended indefinitely
  11. If a landlord responds and is not found in violation of the complaint by the NHO coordinator, their account and all listings associated will be reactivated as soon as possible. *If the result is found at the end of the day on a Friday, it may take until the next business day for the account to be reinstated.
  12. If the landlord responds within the designated time, and is found in violation, the landlord account and listings will be suspended based on the NHO listing service terms of service:
    1. 1 complaint = a three month suspension from the Neighborhood Housing Office Website
    2. 2 complaints = a six month removal from the Neighborhood Housing Office Website
    3. Any additional complaints can result in a permanent bar of that landlord or property management person or entity from posting on the Neighborhood Housing Office Website
  13. The action steps taken by the NHO coordinator will be documented throughout this process.

*The sanction for suspension if a landlord is found in violation will begin at the time of the finding. If the landlord waits 30 days to respond to the initial notice, the initial 30 days will not be counted as a part of the suspension duration.

More information regarding the Terms of Service for our listing service can be found at the bottom of the page on the listing service website.