Find a good landlord

A good landlord is essential to a great off-campus experience. We’ve taken the guess work out of finding one that meets criteria that go beyond what the city and state allow through the Good Neighbor landlord program. We also have a list of landlords that offer a discount when you complete the Preferred Tenant Program. You can filter available units that meet these criteria on the listing service or view the list of each by clicking above.

Not every landlord participates in our programs, so if you come across one not on our list look for the following characteristics:

  • Helpful and patient
  • Allows you ample time to review a sample lease
  • Gets everything in writing
  • Willing to answer any questions
  • Provides a check-in sheet and offers a walk-through of the unit before move-in
  • Requires no more than 60-days notice to vacate the property
  • Willing to remove an automatic renewal clause upon request
  • Allows subleasing
  • Offers receipts for all payments