Daytime Parking

Parking on the streets of Milwaukee can be difficult at times and often requires a residential parking permit in the areas near UWM. In order to obtain a residential parking permit, you must have a valid Wisconsin license with an address that matches your current Milwaukee residency, and Wisconsin license plates.

What to do if you need parking:

  1. Change the address on your license online or go to the DMV to get a new license. The DMV will require a form of identification and proof of residency to get a new license, you can find information about acceptable forms of identification on the Wisconsin DMV website. Information for new residents can be found on the DMV website as well. Costs for IDs and Driver’s Licenses can be found on the DMV website and IDs for the purpose of voting are free. If you meet the right criteria, you can update your ID address online instead of in-person at a DMV.
  2. If your car is registered outside of Wisconsin, register it in the state of Wisconsin. To do this, go to the DMV and bring your car’s title, proof of identification and proof of sales tax if you have owned the vehicle for less than 90 days. Bring a form of payment to complete the registration, expect to pay around $200. More information on registering your car in Wisconsin can be found on the Wisconsin DMV website. Never keep your car title in your car, keep it in a safe space in your home. If you car gets towed you will need to title to retrieve it.