Cold Weather Reminders

There are a number of regulations that begin in the winter months that pertain to Milwaukee residents and can sometimes go unnoticed.

From December 1st through March 1st, various parking regulations take effect throughout the city. Keep in mind that these parking changes can directly impact your neighborhood. Some residential streets are restricted to parking on a single side of the street. Be sure to check the signs on your street for postage indicating that parking is not allowed for the entire period between Dec. 1st and Mar. 1st or if you must alternate which side of the street you park on. In the case of a snow emergency, some streets don’t allow parking all together so be sure you’re not parked in an area labeled ‘Snow Route: Tow Away Zone.’ The last thing you need during a frigid Wisconsin winter is to have your car towed.

Another ordinance to keep in mind is that residents have 24 hours after the snowfall to clear snow from sidewalks. Failing to do so will not only result in an icy sidewalk, but residents will incur a fine starting at $50! Be sure to review your lease to see if your landlord has agreed to provide snow removal or if the responsibility lies with you and your roommates. Learn more about Snow and Ice Control operations in Milwaukee.