Background Check Your Landlord

WI Criminal Background Check

Wisconsin Circuit Court Access 

Search your landlord by their last and first name, or any other applicable information you have to see any court records they may have. If nothing shows up, they have no old or active court records. You can click on the Case Number listed on the left to view more about that particular incident. Look out for housing related court records – such as multiple evictions. If you see anything that worries or confuses you, feel free to check with the NHO or University Legal Clinic for further assistance.

Property Information Check

Milwaukee Department of Neighborhood Services Address Look-up

View past or current violations that a building or household has with the City of Milwaukee. Type in the details to the property you are interested in, and then select “See Details” next to the line reading “Property Registration, Code Violations, Service Requests and Permits:”. This will take you to a full list of the building’s records with the City. Don’t worry about records that are closed or older than a year. If there is anything active that says “violation”, then it may be a concern. If you are unclear or want further clarification, feel free with talk to the Neighborhood Housing Office or University Legal Clinic.