The Top Ten Reasons Why We Love OneDrive for Business!

Here are the top 10 reasons why OneDrive and SharePoint are the superior online data sharing and collaborative work services here on campus!

1. Sharing is Easy

No matter what you would like to share with someone, OneDrive and SharePoint make it quick, easy and effortless. With address books filled with all your friends and coworkers, the sharing possibilities are endless!

2. No More Accidental Deletes

OneDrive and SharePoint have two-stage recycling bins. When you accidentally hit the delete button, it sends that file to your personal recycle bin. From there, you can retrieve your previously deleted item for up to 30 days after deleting it.

3. Tons of Data Storage

OneDrive and SharePoint give all their users an entire Terabyte of data storage. That equates to about 2 million funny cat pictures! The possibilities are almost endless with that amount of storage space!

4. Versioning

When you open a Microsoft 365 Apps (previously known as Office 365) document in OneDrive or SharePoint, you will always be able to see past and present versions of that document. You can go back and see the document’s editing history so you’ll no longer need to wonder about what has been done and what hasn’t!

5. Work from Home

All you need with OneDrive, SharePoint, and Office Online is a web browser to access and edit your Microsoft 365 Apps (previously known as Office 365) documents. With the Online version of OneDrive, SharePoint, and Office Online you have virtually all the same editing features as the desktop version.

6. Automatic Saving Features

OneDrive, SharePoint, and Office Online applications save all your work as you’re doing it! We’ve all had it happen where we create something beautiful and forget to save it. With OneDrive you don’t have to worry about trivial save buttons, because OneDrive, SharePoint, and Office Online applications save your work for you!

7. Collaboration

Work alongside your colleagues, classmates, and more with simultaneous document editing features on OneDrive and SharePoint. Never again will you have to bounce emails back and forth, lose a flash drive, or actually spend time with another human being to edit a document!

8. Emailing is Faster Than Ever

You can attach files from OneDrive and SharePoint to emails and calendar events since all of these services are integrated with the Microsoft 365 suite. Quickly embed documents into emails knowing your OneDrive and SharePoint are directly connected with your Outlook and Calendar!

9. On the Go

OneDrive and Microsoft 365 have mobile apps available on Android and iOS devices! Download Microsoft OneDrive for free on any of your mobile devices. This makes viewing documents on the go so much more convenient!

10. Integrated Microsoft 365 (Previously known as Office 365) Services

OneDrive and SharePoint make work a lot easier when you can glide effortlessly from email to file storage! Through and through, OneDrive and SharePoint are fabulous ways to keep your personal and professional files organized while connecting you to important people in your life.