Definitions of Mail Terms


Microsoft 365 (previously Office 365) Aliases are for setting up another email address for a different persona of yourself. This is currently not available at UWM.

Email List

This is a generic term that can be applied to most any list containing email addresses.

Microsoft 365 Contact Group (or List)

If one continuously sends emails from their personal Microsoft 365 account to the same group of people, one may want to create a Contact Group instead of typing each member every time. Management of Contact Groups can be found by selecting People on the main Microsoft 365 page.

Microsoft 365 Distribution Group

A Distribution Group, also called a Security Group, is a special Distribution list that can employ security roles and access rights of people to own resources. This is a part of the infrastructure upon which Shared Mailboxes are built.

Microsoft 365 Distribution List

If one continuously sends emails from their Microsoft 365 account to the same group of people and share this feature with others, one may want to create a distribution list Microsoft 365 Distribution lists are administratively mapped from PantherLISTS, which ePantherACCOUNT holders have access to creating.

Microsoft 365 Shared Mailbox

An o365 Shared Mailbox is a mailbox set up by an individual who has delegated access of varying roles to others. These roles include co-owning, reading, updating or sending. Members can add a Shared Mailbox to their folder pane.

Allowed names for a Shared Mailbox are as follows: all lowercase, start with a-z followed by a-z or 0-9 and required  ‘-‘ to an arbitrary max of 30 chars and have to be unique of others. Later when advertised or shared with other people, the case may be customized. See for more info.


PantherLIST ( is a service for managing lists sometimes referred to as Listserves. List owners are able to self-administer spam filtering, archiving, bounce processing, content filtering and digest delivery and also makes it easy for list members and subscribers to manage their accounts’ delivery options.

Service Account

A Service account is used to grant access to a service to log in to programmatically process mail, usually via POP. Typical services include Contact Management systems such as OrgSync, Cherwell, etc. Passwords are to be escrowed for the service’s credential needs – not to be used by people involved interactively with the service.