Sue Grochowski

By Katie Zapfel | Photo By Peter Jakubowski TV’s Mister Rogers once said, “Always look for the helpers.” If you are looking for one of those helpers, look no further than Sue Grochowski. This College of Nursing graduate began her… Read More

Mary Esson

Growing up in Ghana, Africa encouraged Mary Esson to pursue researching HIV/AIDS prevention at UWM’s College of Nursing.

Karen Morin

The American Academy of Nursing (AAN), founded 40 years ago, is comprised of 1,800 of the profession’s most accomplished leaders  who are recognized for their outstanding contributions in research, education, practice and management. As a member of the academy, and an… Read More

Matthew Beier

My education at UWM has given me so much. It has given me a solid foundation to build a career on, it has taught me the value of respecting diversity both in humans and the ideas humans bring to the… Read More

Liz Yohn

For a number of years, Liz Yohn worked in animal welfare as a certified veterinary technician, focusing on animal-population health in areas that lacked access to veterinary care. Her dedication took Yohn to Appalachia, the Caribbean and American Indian reservations…. Read More