Faculty in the College of Nursing provide national leadership in advancing geriatric health care through clinical intervention research, bench science needed for innovative intervention development, and theory development and testing.

Our team specializes in research with frail and vulnerable older adults including those with dementia. Interventions incorporate technology and clinical decision support and are focused on three key areas:

  1. Symptom detection and treatment;
  2. Environmental interventions;
  3. Decreasing the burden of comorbid and iatrogenic problems

Our research in Geriatric Health Care is strengthened by interdisciplinary partnerships, a spirit of innovation, and a focus on methodological sophistication. Interventions currently being studied include a nursing home mealtime sound abatement intervention, an intervention to prevent rehospitalization of community dwelling older adults with dementia, and an intervention designed to prevent stimulus inundation and sensory deprivation of nursing home residents with dementia.