Preceptor Highlight: Melissa Reuter

When asked to precept students, what’s a typical response, “I’m not sure I’m ready.” Melissa Reuter wants to share, “you probably feel like you aren’t ready because you don’t know everything, but that is not something you need to wait for.”

Reuter is an inpatient Urology/Gynecology/Gynecology Oncology nurse and nurse educator at Froedtert Hospital. As a UW-Milwaukee College of Nursing Aluma (’00 BS), she chose to become a nurse because she loves science, working with others and knew it would be a very stable career. Through her years at UW-Milwaukee, she also learned that nursing has options for everyone because you can go various routes with a nursing degree.

As a seasoned nurse, Reuter stays connected through her role as a Nurse Educator and her willingness to precept BS in Nursing Completion students. Last year, a colleague approached her to precept a Capstone project, and Reuter was thrilled and accepted. Reuter went on to explain, “The reason I precept students is because I get a lot out of the experience myself. I try to explain something, and then as I’m learning to teach or explain something better, I realize I’m myself learning more. Working as a team through a Capstone Project is excellent for our patients. It also helps improve our organization’s quality and care.”

Reuter continues to precept RN to BSN Capstone students and finds the experience both rewarding and fulfilling.  UWM College of Nursing can help answer any questions you have on precepting.  For more information on becoming a preceptor, please contact the program director where your interest aligns: RN to BSN, Master of Nursing, or Doctor of Nursing Practice.