Timothy Ehlinger

Timothy Ehlinger
Associate Professor and William Collins Kohler Chair in Systems Change and Peacebuilding
ehlinger@uwm.eduLapham Hall G17
Associate Professor and William Collins Kohler Chair in Systems Change and Peacebuilding


Ph D Ecology and Evolution Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI
MS Biological Sciences Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

Awards & Honors

Community-engaged Faculty Member of the Year (2014, April) Center for Community-based Learning, Leadership and Research

Current Research

Resilience and Recovery in Urban Watersheds
The Ehlinger laboratory at UW-Milwaukee has been continuously involved in the design, implementation, monitoring and management of the Pike River project since 1996. The Long Term Maintenance Plan, implemented in 2017 for the Village of Mt. Pleasant provides a unique opportunity to both harvest rich learning from the pathways taken to arrive at today, and also to establish structures and processes for community-driven engagement that promote learning and adaptive resilience into the future. We are using the Pike River as a case study to create a community-engagement process to be applied and tested in other Great Lakes watersheds where there is a need to address conflicting perceptions and perspectives.
Restoration of Sturgeon and Reconnecting Cultural Heritage in the Danube River 

Contracts & Grants

Development Innovation Ventures: Fostering Collective Action through Local Support Systems (FOCALS) for HIV-Infected Women in Malawi
US Agency for International Development
Timothy Ehlinger, Lucy Mkandawire-Valhmu
Learning-Enabled Architecture for Developent: LEAD
USAID Higher Education Solutions Network (HESN)
Timothy Ehlinger
Sustainable Peacebuilding Linking Across Social and Hydrological Systems (SPLASH)
Timothy Ehlinger
PIRE: Characterization, assessment and perception of riesk in coastal zones: integrated sustainable development inthe Danube delta and Black Sea
National Science Foundation
John Berges, Timothy Ehlinger, US Institutions 6, Foreign Institutions 15
Escaping Flatland: (Re) Writing the Histories, Geographies and Borderland Ecologies of Water
Center for 21st Century Studies, Transdisciplinary Challenges for 21st Century Studies
Ryan Holifield, Sobti, Timothy Ehlinger
Pilot Project: Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Sediment Contact Assay as a Novel Tool for Integrating Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment
Timothy Ehlinger
Formulation and Implementation of a Restoration Plan for the Pike River
Town of Mt. Pleasant, WI
Timothy Ehlinger .

PIRE - Characterization, Assessment and Perception of Risk in Coastal Zones: Integrated Sustainable Development in the Danube Delta and Black Sea (Socio-cultural risk and local knowledge component)

Grant Ryan Holifield, Timothy Ehlinger, Kristin Sziarto
Development of Indicators for Sustainable Development in the Danube Delta, Romania. #0623474
National Science Foundation IRES Program
Tracey Heatherington, Timothy Ehlinger, Bob Burlage, Christina Buffington, Tofan Lucica
Clean Water Kiosks: Using Water Quality Data to Promote Public Education Wisconsin Coastal Management Program
Harvey Bootsma, Timothy Ehlinger
Ecology and Biogeochemistry of the Milwaukee River Watershed
UWM Campus Opportunity Fund
Joseph Aldstadt, Timothy Ehlinger

Intellectual Contributions

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Dellinger, Matthew, Carvan, Michael J., Klingler, Rebekah H., McGraw, Joseph E., and Ehlinger, Timothy J. “An Exploratory Analysis of Stream Teratogenicity and Human Health Using Zebrafish Whole-Sediment Toxicity Test.” Challenges 5.1 (2014): 75-€“97.

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Ehlinger, Timothy J., Tofan, Lucica, and Enz, Jill  (2011). Application of a participatory ex-ante assessment model for environmental governance and visualizing sustainable redevelopment in Gorj County, Romania.” Agricultural and Environmental Informatics, Governance, and Management: Emerging Research Applications. Ed. Andreopoulou, Z., Manos, B., Polma, N., and Viaggi, D. IGI Global, (2011).

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