You can find a Black & Gold Committee in each school or college on campus. Their purpose is to ensure the quality of the UWM student experience as the university grows in stature as a premier urban research university.

College of Nursing Black & Gold Guiding Principles Statement

Through a collaboration of students, faculty and staff, the CON Black & Gold Committee strives to:

  • Promote and maintain an open environment for the exchange of information between students, faculty, and staff;
  • Improve student satisfaction and success through the identification and reduction of stressors within the boundaries of the CON’s Black & Gold committee;
  • Enhance the respect for a diverse population within the CON.

Student Members

Helena Cunliffe-Owen
Bailey Jackson
Haley Jisa
Lauren Kaberlein
Maddie Kirchner
Amber O’Laughlin
Shelbi Seefeldt
Anastasia Shwaiko
Gabbie Weis
Madelyn Wrobel

Faculty and Staff Members

Jennifer Daood
Robin Jens
Sarah Morgan (NLRC Director)
Julia Snethen (Co-chair)
Ruth Treisman


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