MSP: Map the System Finalists Presentation

Map the System 2019 Finalists- UWM MSP

Decolonizing Agriculture: A Case Study of Chakras in the Ecuadorian Amazon
by Team Chakra, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA

Research Team: Katherine Riebe, Linda Xiong, ,
Alexandria Sedar, Master of Sustainable Peacebuilding, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Project Summary This team has examined chakra use, a traditional agroforestry method, among the Indigenous Kichwa of Ecuador, by conducting an extensive literature review, oral interviews and a structural, attitudinal and transactional assessment. They learned that while some progress has been made, power imbalances do not centre the Indigenous voice or recognise the value of the environment for its whole rather than its parts. In addition, the current model of globalisation is founded on colonisation and inequity.