Matthew Beier

My education at UWM has given me so much. It has given me a solid foundation to build a career on, it has taught me the value of respecting diversity both in humans and the ideas humans bring to the world, and has given me the flexibility to pursue any road I desire to take. My time at UWM gave me connections to relationships that I utilize and treasure to this day. The College of Nursing has treated me like a family member and I value the professional relationships that have formed.

Staying connected to UWM, and in particular to the college of nursing has been easy. After receiving my undergraduate degree I continued on to get a graduate degree. Although the road was hard and I struggled the faculty and staff at the College of Nursing never gave up on me. They encouraged me, directed me and guided me to do the work that was necessary.

I will be forever grateful to the faculty and staff, they never gave up on me and it is for that reason I don’t give up on the College of Nursing. Giving to the college either through my financial gifts or other needs of the college will always be a part of my plans. Someday I hope that I can give the same gift to a student that was given me over the years at UWM.