Karen Morin

The American Academy of Nursing (AAN), founded 40 years ago, is comprised of 1,800 of the profession’s most accomplished leaders  who are recognized for their outstanding contributions in research, education, practice and management. As a member of the academy, and an acknowledged expert, members have the opportunity to play a pivotal role influencing health policy. In other words, they bring the voice of the profession to the health care decision table.

The UWM College of Nursing is fortunate to have 12 faculty who are Fellows in the AAN. As a Fellow, faculty members in the College are consulted on a variety of health care and leadership issues. They serve on Expert Panels, (I currently serve as an expert on the Breastfeeding Panel) with a goal of moving forward critical evidence to inform culturally relevant health care issues. Their sphere of influence is global in nature. As a Fellow, I am honored to be able to play an influential role in addressing health care issues.