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Andrew (Andy) McGuire, PhD

  • Teaching Faculty

I received my PhD in biological sciences in 2017 with a focus on environmental governance. My current research interests surround the institutionalization of decision-making processes that are both environmentally and socially sustainable.  Specifically, I am interested in the relationship between the structure of a community and how that influences the ability of individuals to practice agency, demonstrate leadership, and build trust.


Doctor of Philosophy, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Peer Reviewed Publications:

McGuire, S. A., & Ehlinger, T. (2022). Restoration as social-ecological transformation: Emergence in the   Pike River Watershed. Journal of Great Lakes Research.

Ghosh Roy, S., Wimpee, C. F., McGuire, S. A., & Ehlinger, T. J. (2022). Responses of Bacterial   Taxonomical Diversity Indicators to Pollutant Loadings in Experimental Wetland             Microcosms. Water14(2), 251.

Ghosh Roy, S., Wimpee, C. F., McGuire, S. A., & Ehlinger, T. J. (2021). Effects of Land Use and Pollution             Loadings on Ecotoxicological Assays and Bacterial Taxonomical Diversity in Constructed             Wetlands. Diversity13(4), 149.

McGuire, S. A., & Ehlinger, T. J. (2018). Analysis of social-ecological dynamics driving conflict in linked     surface groundwater systems. Ecology and Society23(4).