Tamara Griffin

Tamara Griffin, BS, RN

  • Learning Specialist- Health and Illness Tutoring and Professional Major

Tamara is a graduate of our own College of Nursing program at UWM. She has experience working in the inpatient Oncology setting in a large metropolitan hospital, and also in a large clinic setting with a team of eleven Internal Medicine physicians. She also has a degree in Education and has a strong passion for teaching and sharing knowledge with others. She brings direct, real-world experience from the perspective of a graduate of our program, and uses this experience to help students understand how to use and apply the material they learn in meaningful ways. She plans to begin her Master's degree in Nursing this Spring here at UWM. She is available to assist students through both private or small group meetings to focus on specific Nursing-driven content, breaking down exam questions for understanding, developing study guides, and the study of content to develop deeper understanding.