Katherine Pakieser-Reed, PhD, RN (PhD 2006)

“Diversity and inclusion are necessary for developing the future of health care, especially nursing. UWM was a supportive environment that allowed me to take on significant challenges and, as a result, significant growth which has exceeded anyone’s expectations.”

Chua Lo Xiong, RN, MS (MS 2003)

“My education at UW-Milwaukee College of Nursing has enhanced my knowledge, skills and abilities to apply evidence based research to my practice. It also gave me the opportunity to advance further in my career, and as the first Hmong Director… Read More

Linda Taylor, PhD, RN (PhD 2014)

  “My experience at UWM allowed a wide exposure to different worldviews and priorities that apply to the field of healthcare and healthcare education. The explosion of knowledge inherent in education was structured and facilitated in a way that was applicable… Read More

Gail Kieckhefer, PhD, PPCNP-BC, AE-C, ARNP (BS 1970)

“I have always been proud of my UWM heritage and the solid foundation the college provided for my approach to lifelong learning, nursing and interdisciplinary health care. My UWM education continues to nourish the newest generation of nurses, and that… Read More

Mary Haynor, BS, RN, MBA (BS 1975)

“My overall purpose is advancement in the delivery of care for a richer quality of life, which is why I established the first “walk in” Grief Center in Wisconsin, possibly the nation. The College of Nursing fostered my spirit to… Read More

“One of the great advantages of UWM is its urban setting. I was exposed to diverse clients, clinical experiences and fellow students which enhanced my ability to engage with persons of all backgrounds. My time at UWM was a springboard… Read More

Anne Dixon
Anne Dixon, BS Nursing 2011

Since graduating in December of 2011, Anne has been on an incredible journey. Guided through her nursing career at UWM by Senior Advisor Donna Wier, Anne is thankful for the support and guidance that ultimately helped her to land her… Read More