Beth Meyer-Arnold, RN, MS (MS 1985)

“Thirty years from graduation and I can still describe this model program development in my sleep! It is because it came with a charge, from the College of Nursing at UWM, that advanced practice nurses could develop the services and… Read More

Margaret Rykowski, RN, MS, (BS 1976, MS 1981)

“My time at UWM had a tremendous impact on my professional career. UWM provided a solid foundation for my nursing practice that was set apart from other programs. It was ahead of its time in many ways, including an innovative… Read More

Joy Wachs, PhD, RN, FAAOHN (BS 1976, MS 1980)

“When I began my career as an occupational health nurse at UWM, very few OHNs held advanced degrees. UWM prepared me to practice as a corporate nurse, mentor authors and graduate students, complete both agricultural health nursing fellowship and qualitative… Read More

Jean Bartels, PhD, RN (PhD 1990)

“I am proudest of my testimony and work in local, state and national arenas on issues related to nursing shortages, the need for increased education for today’s nurses, and the impact of educated nurses on patient care outcomes.”

Sylvia Forbes, MS, RN (MS 1994)

“UW-Milwaukee fostered my commitment to increasing health awareness, knowledge, and access in underserved populations. My experience also set the foundation for encouraging students, especially those of color, to pursue and succeed in the nursing profession.”

Shannon S. Hall, BS, RN (BS 1995)

“UWM’s focus on community nursing taught me to see people in a different light. We not only could make a difference, we were the difference.”

Nancy Kreuser, RN, PhD (PhD 1998)

“I continue to use what I learned at UWM in professional settings and in the work used to conduct community health assessments and health improvement plans, community education and outreach, managing a busy department and preparing for local health department… Read More

Barbara Lee, RN, PhD (PhD 1995)

“I credit UW-Milwaukee and my doctoral studies for a very rewarding career. The faculty and fellow-doctoral students became my window to a bigger world. My time at UWM impacted my life greatly.”