Jean C. Bell-Calvin, MS, RN, PHCNS-BC (MS 1985)

“I feel you give what you get and I have been blessed to work with some amazing people and extraordinary nurses who had the vision, leadership and commitment to community nursing practice. The success of the Community Nursing Center is… Read More

Georgia Cameron, MBA, RN (BS 1980)

“My work and service has been much broader than health care. I entered nursing with a focus on public health and improving quality of life. This included improving access to and utilization of health care, and improving the quality of… Read More

Michelle Czarnecki, MS, RN-BC, CPNP (MS 1986)

“It is incredibly rewarding to know I’ve helped to mentor so many nurses in their patient care, nursing profession and research. It’s been quite a ride, and none of it would have/could have happened without UWM!”

Jess Dynek, BS, RN (BS 1982)

“My work has influenced healthcare by making the nurse’s perspective an integral part of the development of medical monitoring equipment. I believe that this has influenced healthcare and patient outcomes in a positive way, as nurses play a primary role… Read More

Mary Hook, PhD, RN-BC (BS 1979, MS 1988)

“I developed a great respect for the unique and privileged role nurses can/do play with patients, families and others while attending UWM. My professors contributed much to the professional I am today.”

Carolyn Krause, PhD, RN (MS 1986)

“I have always strived to make the work environment a positive one. Because work in healthcare can be challenging, I have learned the importance of mentoring and developing people to recognize their strengths and opportunities.”

“My research has been a central factor in producing fundamental changes in research and care for families of critically ill individuals worldwide. I am most proud of my 30 year history of research that has led to practice changes with… Read More