The UWM College of Nursing and the MATC School of Health Sciences offer collaborative programs that lead to both the associate degree (ADN) and the baccalaureate degree in nursing (BS-Nursing). There are two options:

ADN to BSN Program – The 3+1 Program
Students in this program option complete their first three years of education at MATC. Students enroll in courses at MATC that meet program requirements of the baccalaureate nursing program at UWM. By taking courses that meet the requirements of both schools, students can complete both an associate degree and a baccalaureate degree in four years. Students complete pre-requisite courses during their first year at MATC. Students complete the nursing program courses during their second and third years at MATC. Students enroll in advanced nursing courses at UWM in the fourth year of the program. The fourth-year classes at UWM are scheduled to meet the needs of students who are working during this last year of the program. Find out more information in our detailed course plan.

Direct Admit Program
Students in this innovative program option complete their first two years at UWM.  Students can enjoy a traditional college experience and live in university housing if they choose to do so. Students then spend their next two years in the nursing program courses at MATC to complete their associate’s degree in nursing (ADN).  The last year of the program is completed at UWM where advanced nursing courses are scheduled to meet the needs of working students. More detailed information can be found in the course plan.

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