Undergraduate nursing education maximizes hands-on learning, technological innovation and training, and a comprehensive survey of nursing theory and practice. Clinical placements at community-partner sites and intensive study define the last half of your undergraduate education. Through it all, supportive faculty, nursing mentors and a close cohort of fellow students make this a career-preparatory, enriching, community-focused academic experience.

Every academic program is enhanced by the full UWM experience: Attending a top research university with 15 schools and colleges, and a diverse, dynamic campus-life scene that blends academics and the arts, entertainment and culture, collegiate traditions and 21st century innovation.

Each nursing program prepares students to practice as beginning generalists after graduation, with the potential to pursue advanced nursing studies and professional opportunities as the profession evolves.

BS Nursing

Open to first-year, transfer and second-degree students. Nursing courses are offered at UW-Milwaukee, UWM at Washington County (pre-nursing only), UWM at Waukesha and UW-Parkside.

For most students this is a four- to five-year program, but maybe longer for part-time students. Two years of pre-nursing and general education courses must be completed with a minimum 2.50 GPA in science courses and 2.75 cumulative GPA before students will be accepted into the competitive nursing major and the final 2 years of study.

RN to BS Completion

This flexible program enrolls RNs who hold a diploma or associate’s degree in nursing. Courses may be taken at UWM, BSN at Work, BSN at Home, or through our UW Flex option.

Students can complete this in as little as a year. Part-time and full-time students welcome.

RN to MN

Begin graduate studies in nursing as an undergraduate student through this unique program. Complete nine credits of graduate coursework while earning your bachelor’s degree in nursing, then apply your RN and BS qualifications to the College of Nursing MN program.

Students must be accepted to the RN to BS completion program before applying to the RN to MN program.

Flexibility & Focus

Diversity defines the student population at Wisconsin’s second-largest university and the most diverse in Wisconsin. UWM enrolls and educates the most Wisconsin residents of any university, but students attend UWM from more than 80 countries, every state and many walks of life – from recent high-school graduates to career changers, veterans to first-generation college students.

Program options and academic offerings in the College of Nursing reflect the unique needs and experiences of our 1,500+ students. These include:

There are many different types of academic support services to choose from, and they are available to all UWM students.