Students should not have to navigate their educational journey all on their own. UW-Milwaukee offers various levels of Academic and General Resources in order to ensure students are successful and can reach their full potential.

Nursing Academic Enrichment Team

The Academic Enrichment Team works one-on-one with students to provide supplemental instruction, study aids, tips for reading/listening comprehension and more. Our learning specialists have backgrounds working with nursing students and multilingual students.  We invite you to meet with one of our four Learning Specialists to maximize your academic experience at UWM College of Nursing.

Ebony Cobb, MA, RN
Learning Specialist & Academic Sucess Coordinator
Pre-Nursing Student Learning Specialist



Rosemarie Feiza-Lenz
Learning Specialist
UWM English Language Academy Learning Specialist



Tamara GriffinTamara Griffin, RS, RN
Learning Specialist
Health and Illness Tutoring and Professional Major



Mark Sondrol
Learning Specialist
UWM English Language Academy Learning Specialist



Request Academic Enrichment Team Services

Academic Enrichment Team Request Form

Nursing Study Center
The Study Center helps and supports nursing students with supplemental instruction, study groups, and other study aids. The Study Center is a great place to study alone, meet with study groups or relax for a few minutes in between class. It also coordinates events with other resources on and off-campus. It is located in Cunningham Hall, Room 147.

Nursing Learning Resource Center (NLRC)
The NLRC provides teaching and learning resources through a variety of strategies with simulation as one of the major tools.

Additional UW-Milwaukee Academic Resources

Learn more about UW-Milwaukee Academic Resources

Campus Resources List
All campus resources, including non-academic.

Accessibility Resource Center
This center is dedicated to providing equal access for students with disabilities to the University’s academic, social, cultural and recreational programs.

Student Success Center
Information about valuable academic resources on campus.

PASS: Panther Academic Support Services
This center offers a wide range of services: tutoring, Supplemental Instruction, study groups, and academic resources.

Multicultural Student Center: Multicultural Student Lounge
A great place where students can study, relax, hang-out with friends, or have meetings and activities.

The Writing Center
This center is open to all students, freshman through graduate. Get assistance with that writing assignment or project before it is due. Trained peer tutors will work with you to generate topics, organize ideas, develop thesis statements and revise drafts.

UWM English Language Academy

UWM Libraries
The UWM Libraries provide critical resources and services to 27,850 students and over 700 faculty.