The MSP would not be the experiential program it is without the support and collaboration from our partners! MSP relies on our local and international partners for class projects, fieldwork placement opportunities, and longer-term student internship placements. In turn, MSP has provided our partners with: interns that bring an MSP perspective; products/deliverables, such as a needs assessment or evaluation framework; and process support, such as a group of students facilitating a series of dialogues for a partner. Each partnership is a result of direct communication about expectations and capacities – both of the MSP program and the partner. If you are interested in partnering with the MSP, please contact us for more information.

Milwaukee-area Fieldwork and Internship Partners

America’s Black Holocaust Museum (ABHM) Milwaukee, WI
The partnership between MSP and ABHM began with a former MSP student, who embarked upon an unpaid internship with ABHM, assisting with program development, events, and communications. In spring 2018, MSP will be working with ABHM on a community dialogue project. Through this partnership, MSP students will receive facilitator training in turn for leading several community dialogue sessions for ABHM.

Forest County Potawatomi Foundation (FCPF) Crandon, WI
The FCPF recently provided an award to MSP to support faculty and students in working with the local Native American population to develop a community-driven wellness program that will address systemic issues related to maternal and child health outcomes. The project is scheduled to begin in June 2018.

Groundwork Milwaukee  Milwaukee, WI
MSP has been partnering with Groundwork MKE for two years as part of our Student Fellows program. To date, two MSP Student Fellows have assisted Groundwork MKE with environmental program planning, fundraising, and community outreach.

KIVA Milwaukee  Milwaukee, WI
MSP partnered with UWM’s Center for Economic Development, the City of Milwaukee, and WWBIC to hire a Student Fellow to manage the KIVA Milwaukee program. This is a two-year position that we hope to continue. Over the last two years, the current Student Fellow has built up both the entrepreneur and lender populations. KIVA is an important program for local economic development as well as for loan access for underserved populations who can struggle to get approved for traditional loans.

Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC)  Milwaukee, WI
LISC works to foster resilient, inclusive and sustainable communities of opportunity. Since 2016, MSP has partnered with LISC to fund a Student Fellow to assist LISC with community engagement activities related to economic development and revitalization in Milwaukee’s urban neighborhoods. To date, two MSP Student Fellows have been placed with LISC.

Riveredge Nature Center  Saukville, WI
Riveredge is situated along the Milwaukee River just north of Milwaukee. MSP partnered with Riveredge in Summer 2017 when an MSP student took on a project with Riveredge for her summer fieldwork. She worked as a member of the evaluation team, assisting with assessing the impacts of Riveredge’s Scientist in Residence program, identifying process boundaries, and determining opportunities and challenges for future scaling. MSP will continue to partner with Riveredge in 2017-2018 to assist with additional evaluation and community needs assessment activities.

Waters Foundation and Milwaukee Public Schools  Milwaukee, WI
MSP began working with the Waters Foundation and MPS in early 2017 on an initiative to bring systems thinking into the MPS K-12 programming. Currently, Waters and MSP have jointly sponsored a Student Fellow to assist with implementing this initiative. MSP is also assisting the Innovation Team at MPS with designing an evaluation that is examining how to capture and measure systems thinking in MPS.

International Fieldwork and Internship Partners


La Asociación de Comités Comunitarios Medio Ambiental de la Región Ixil
Diego Ramirez Cobo

ACCMARI – a community-based NGO in Guatemala, brings 54+ communities together to increase communication, collaboration, and cooperation and decrease competition for development projects. ACCMARI also serves as a channel to connect local communities with external groups seeking to develop infrastructure or provide other services in the area. Diego Ramirez, President and founder of ACCMARI, spent his childhood in the Ixil villages of Guatemala. MSP began partnering with ACCMARI in 2015 to help evaluate if and how water systems installed by ACCMARI in the Ixil villages meet the needs of the communities as well as exploring the possibility of unintended consequences that large lifestyle changes can have on villages and working to avoid them.

kenyaInternational Peace Initiatives (IPI) – Meru, Kenya
Dr. Karambu Ringera

International Peace Initiatives (IPI) is a global network of individuals and organizations seeking innovative and alternative means of overcoming the devastation of disease, conflict, and poverty in the world today. IPI accomplishes these initiatives through grassroots capacity building, community based research, and sharing information on successful practices in HIV/AIDS management, peacebuilding, and economic empowerment programs. IPI’s work in Africa uplifts the spirit and living standards of the people in their communities. Our tools are education, enterprise and empowerment. The organization’s current focus is on women and youth groups that are involved in self-help activities in Kenya. The aim is to develop working relationships with these groups so that through their own initiative and that of friends interested in supporting them, they are empowered to raise the quality of life of people challenged by HIV/AIDS, violence, and poverty.

ecuador-jIKIAM University Tena, Ecuador
IKIAM University is a regional institution situated in the hills of central Ecuador, in the Napo Province southeast of Quito. Part of IKIAM’s mission is to collaborate with and support the surrounding indigenous communities through research and outreach. MSP began partnering with IKIAM in Fall 2017, when we were asked to assist with a needs assessment of the guayuseros. The Guayuseros farm guayusa, a tree species native to the Western Amazon region. Recently, guayusa has been commercialized for non-indigenous consumers, which has in turn created challenges for the guayuseros as they try to navigate a new economy and a world with increasing outside pressures on their land and way of life. In Fall 2017, students in the MSP assisted with an assessment of the guayuseros’ state of food and economic security and the protection and expression of their indigenous knowledge. In Summer 2018, a group of MSP students will travel to Tena, Ecuador to assist with the next phase of the project.