MSP graduates pursue careers in a variety of sectors, providing a holistic or complex lens to projects and programs. MSP alumni are currently working in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors, with a small subset pursuing PhD’s. 

Where are they now? Check out a few of our alumni!

Sam Dorios, 2016
Systems and Complexity Associate, Hawai’i Leadership Forum (Honolulu, HI) 

Hawai‘i Leadership Forum is a societal change organization dedicated to fostering enduring, positive change in Hawai‘i. The main track for accomplishing this is a cross-sectoral leadership program, the Omidyar Fellows, which cultivates a community of mid-career leaders to equip them with the skills and relationships they will need to collectively transform Hawai‘i. Sam’s job is to support the Fellows in their efforts. This usually takes the form of systems mapping; a process which he facilitates. Currently, his role is expanding to incorporate emergent learning so that the organization can continually adapt and improve its ability to create impact. 

"The MSP program gave me the tools and skills needed to do systems mapping, but more importantly it taught me the mindsets needed for this line of work. The nature of grappling with complexity requires an open mind, desire to constantly learn and improve, and a willingness to adapt. This inner-work must be done before any meaningful outer-work is possible. Moreover, the MSP connected me to HLF through an internship opportunity that led directly to my current position."

Aruna Kallon MPSAlumAruna Kallon, 2018
PhD Candidate in Educational Policy Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Madison, WI) 

Aruna is a PhD student in Educational Policy Studies, with a concentration in Comparative International Education (CIE) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Aruna’s research focuses on the effects of free primary and secondary schooling on educational quality and outcomes in Sierra Leone. Aruna intends for his research to provide an understanding of, and inform, local and foreign/external interventions for a sustainable implementation of the fee-free policy, and for narrowing the achievement gaps for approximately 1.5 million school-going children in Sierra Leone. 

"MSP nurtured in me a unique ethos: to embrace complexity as an opportunity or entry point for action and change, rather than as a limitation."

Linda Xiong_MSPAlumLinda Xiong, 2019
Systems Change Coordinator, Texas Homeless Network (Austin, TX) 

Linda works with agencies across the Texas Balance of State Continuum of Care to establish and operate Coordinated Entry. Coordinated Entry is a community-led process and systems change approach that shifts a housing crisis response system from program-centric to person-centric.

"Through the MSP program, I discovered the breadth and depth of systems thinking as it relates to complex social problems and became confident as a facilitator of systems change. My cohort exemplified a community of peacebuilders where we shared and valued diverse perspectives and built strong friendships - a community I hope to develop wherever I go."