Choose from programs that reflect the opportunities and demands of today. Contribute to a research portfolio that grows quality improvement and change in healthcare. Establish a career in which you shape lives and communities.

Master’s options in the College of Nursing promote diversity, readiness, and flexibility. Extensive on-campus and online courses are offered, in addition to approved MN residency sites throughout southeastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois.

Master of Nursing

The Master of Nursing program emphasizes development in clinical practice settings. Master’s candidates learn from the college’s experienced faculty, whose work and research are supported by a network of training and research partnerships that connect the College to Wisconsin’s leading healthcare providers. Each master’s program provides graduates with the groundwork and experience for advance generalist practice as a Clinical Nurse Leader.

Faculty inspire master’s candidates as they learn evidence-based practice to improve outcomes for individuals, families, and populations at the microsystem level.

Master of Sustainable Peacebuilding (MSP)

The MSP prepares practitioners with skills and concepts required to engage today’s complex global and local problems.  Students will work with a local partner who is well-connected with the community or issue of interest including such examples as: International organizations, Government Departments, Not-for-profit Foundations, Educational Organizations, and Advocacy organizations. Currently, the MSP program has partnerships and/or active projects in over 10 countries.