The Undergraduate Certificate for Internationally Educated Nurses Transitioning to US Nursing Practice prepares baccalaureate-educated nurses from outside of the United States to transition successfully to practice in the US.

Applicants must have graduated with a baccalaureate degree in nursing, have been educated outside of the United States, and will be admitted with permission of the College of Nursing. Students must meet the language proficiency requirements required for regular admission into the undergraduate program at UWM.

This 16-credit certificate prepares international nurses with baccalaureate degrees in nursing to transition to practice in the US and to make them eligible for licensure as Registered Nurses in the US.

Students are required to complete courses within the certificate with a grade of C or better. The certificate will be completed in one semester.

This certificate is available only to foreign educated nurses and as a result, these nurses are not eligible for financial aid.

EAP 435 Advanced Listening, Speaking, and Notetaking Skills for Internationals 4
NURS 476 Professional Role 4: Leading in Complex Systems 3
NURS 478 Clinical Practicum IV: Complex Care 6
NURS 480 Transition to Professional Practice 3
Total Credits 16