• Dr. Michele Polfuss presenting her SMSC Pilot Project at National Institutes of Health (NIH) National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR) in May 2016

Weight-Related Self-Management in Children with Special Health Care Needs
Principal Investigator:
Michele Polfuss, PhD, RN, CPNP-AC/PC University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Kathleen J. Sawin PhD, CPNP-PC, FAAN University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Emerita / Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin
Scott J. Strath, PhD University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Dale A. Schoeller, PhD University of Wisconsin-Madison

James H. Rimmer, PhD University of Alabama at Birmingham

This study examined measurement of energy expenditure in 36 children who were diagnosed with spina bifida (both ambulatory and a group who use wheelchairs for mobility) or Down syndrome (ages 4-18) or a group of children without a chronic illness. The project drew on College of Nursing strengths in pediatrics and family research. The information gained from this study fills a gap in the science of measurement of energy expenditure for the special needs population.

Medication Self-Management in African American Older Women
Project Director:
Julie Ellis, PhD, RN, GCNS-BC University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Jung Kwak, PhD The University of Texas at Austin
Christine Kovach, PhD, RN, FAAN University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Emerita

Barbara Nichols, RN, DS-HC

This study examined the relative contribution of contextual and process factors that are pertinent to older adult African American women and medication self-management behaviors (MSMB). The focus was to better understand correlates of key variables potentially amenable to intervention. Findings inform the development of culturally appropriate medication self-management interventions that are consistent with precision medicine approaches and take individual variability into account to improve health outcomes.

Promoting Self-Management in Low-income African Americans with Hypertension
Principal Investigator:
Bev Zabler, MSN, RN, PhD University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Jeffrey Whittle, MD, MPH Medical College of Wisconsin/ Zablocki VA Medical Center

This study was focused on key factors in self-management in a population that is hard to reach and with limited health care resources. The project drew on the CON’s strength in community engagement through the longstanding and well-respected Community Nursing Centers and the relationship of those centers to other community organizations that serve those in need. This fills a gap in defining the specific nature, dose, and potential impact of interventions on the self-management behaviors of this population.