Global Health at UWM offers many opportunities in research, practice and education that places priority on:

  • Achieving health equity
  • Developing and implementing solutions that require global cooperation
  • Focusing on issues that directly or indirectly affect health but can transcend national boundaries
  • Embracing both prevention in populations and clinical care of individuals, families, and communities
  • Involving a range of disciplines, both interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary, within and beyond health sciences

Affiliate Faculty and Focal areas

Loren Galvao
HIV Prevention; Maternal and reproductive health and family planning

Penninah Kako
HIV/AIDS and Women; sub-Saharan Africa

Jennifer Kibicho
Economic analyses of health care costs, prescription drug cost drivers, cost containment policies, and the cost of providing care to persons living with HIV/AIDS

Global health, including evaluations of structural-level interventions that address poverty, gender-based violence, and other structural factors that place individuals at elevated risk for HIV infection in sub-Saharan Africa

Lucy Mkandawire-Valhmu
HIV/AIDS and Women; sub-Saharan Africa

Anne Dressel
Social determinants of health, with a focus on food security and housing; environmental health; advocacy and policy; sub-Saharan Africa; Ecuador

Affiliate Centers and Institutes

Research Opportunities for Students

Contact Anne Dressel for information on currently funded projects in the Center for Global Health Equity.

Previous projects include:

  • SAGE4Health is a project that was originally known as Tiphunzitsane or “working together” in the Chichewa language, one of the local languages in Malawi. It was recently renamed to reflect key goals: Savings, Agriculture, Governance and Empowerment. Malawi Palliative Care project, supported by the K2 Foundation Tigwiranegmanya AIDS Support Organization, is working to improve the health outcomes of HIV AIDS women in the Kasungu District in Malawi.
  • Health and well-being among refugees and immigrants in Ecuador
  • Women receiving end of life care in rural Malawi

Other Resources

Harriet H. Werley Center for Nursing Research and Evaluation
UWM Office of Undergraduate Research
UWM Office of Research