Global Health at UWM offers many opportunities in research, practice and education that places priority on:

  • Achieving health equity
  • Developing and implementing solutions that require global cooperation
  • Focusing on issues that directly or indirectly affect health but can transcend national boundaries
  • Embracing both prevention in populations and clinical care of individuals, families, and communities
  • Involving a range of disciplines, both interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary, within and beyond health sciences

Global Health Projects

At the UWM College of Nursing and through its Center for Global Health Equity, we focus our research efforts towards achieving health equity. Our Global Health researchers have expertise in:

  • HIV/AIDS prevention, self-management and care, support and treatment
  • Maternal, reproductive and child health
  • Gender-based violence and women’s empowerment
  • Examining and addressing social, economical and political determinants of health on a global level, with a major focus on East Africa, Southern Africa, and Southeast Asia

SAGE4Health is a project that was originally known as Tiphunzitsane or “working together” in the Chichewa language, one of the local languages in Malawi. It was recently renamed to reflect key goals: Savings, Agriculture, Governance and Empowerment.


Malawi Palliative Care project, supported by the K2 Foundation Tigwiranegmanya AIDS Support Organization, is working to improve health outcomes of HIV AIDS women in the Kasungu District in Malawi.

Global Health Publications

List of recent publications coming soon.

International Scholars

We’re pleased to host visiting scholars from every corner of the globe.

UWM College of Nursing is pleased to host Ms. Jintana Buathongjun, a nursing scholar from Thailand from September 2019 to February 2020.

The UWM College of Nursing is pleased to host international visiting scholars from around the world. If you are interested in becoming an international visiting scholar in the College, please complete the International Visiting Scholar Application form, and return it to Anne Dressel (